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Still don’t have a social media policy?

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Today, almost all of us are more or less connected through social media. If we are not using social media we most certainly know someone who is. Social media allows us to exchange ideas, stay in touch with friends and loved ones and get inspired. However, it can also affect us negatively as the time engaged in social media for many people, is starting to overtake daily face to face interaction.

Social media can be likened to a ticking time bomb, in a lot of areas it is lawless and in a lot of cases anonymous. There have already been many cases of significant damaged caused to individuals and businesses by “posts” and what we “say” online. For those in the small business sector, it is now extremely important to implement a social media policy and supporting training, whether you have 10 employees or 100.

A social media policy provides guidelines for employees who post content on social media platforms, whether professionally as part of their job, or personally out of hours. It looks to safeguard the privacy, reputation and interests of the business that they are employed by, and creates checks and balances on what may or may not go online. Most businesses are now in a market where most are online, or they are impacted by what is said and done online. Ideally when social media policy is implemented, it should be supported by training either face to face or online so the business is not seen to be a toothless tiger and staff clearly understand the consequences of inappropriate use of social media.

A small business should be balanced and sensible when implementing a social media policy, taking the time to ensure it adheres to industry and government regulations that affect the business such as responsible service of alcohol (RSA) and Client confidentiality as examples. It also must be implemented and articulated in a way that shows it is being put in place to enable safe usage of social media across the business, which will not alienate employees or their right to practice free speech.

Small businesses should be aware that since the wide spread adaptation of social media, they have little or no control over online audience engagement and communication, with increasing numbers of consumers seeking information through social media and a blurring of lines between personal and professional use. When an effective social media policy is in place that mitigates risk a small business can grow through social media with minimal risk.

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