Accredited with the Office of the Commissioner of Children’s eSafety, Safe on Social Media Pty Ltd has pioneered social media risk management for schools and has extensive references from principals of primary, secondary, public and private schools.

Safe on Social Media provides a comprehensive service for schools to address the risks and precautions to be taken when using social media sites. Our service fulfills a school’s duty of care to all stakeholders including staff, students and parents, as well as addressing legal and policy compliance requirements.

We have worked with, and presented at, over forty-five primary and high schools (Public/State, Catholic, Private and Independent) during 2016 and have in-depth knowledge of what Students, Parents and Teachers need to understand when it comes to safe usage of social media.

We know we aren’t going to stop social media use by tweens and teens so we don’t tell them to stop, we simply teach them how to use it safely and with awareness.

Our presentations can be customised to suit your specific needs, topics include but are not limited to:

Using social media with awareness
Information permanence and managing your digital footprint
Stranger danger is on digital steroids
Posting and sharing photos
Sexting and the legal consequences of producing and sharing child pornography
Respecting others online
Safe social networking
Privacy settings
What your posts may say about you
Identity theft
Age restrictions and why they should be respected
Legal responsibilities
Gaming network dangers
Popular apps and their specific risks (SnapChat,, Yellow, Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Gaming, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Omegle, and others)



Helping you to stay safe on social media

Education, training and consultancy


Social Media Audit/Risk Assessment: Lead by a team of industry experts, Safe on Social Media provides an audit/risk assessment of each school’s social media presence. The customised highly confidential audit report is based on the deep investigation on of social media footprints together with interviews of stakeholders from your school where required. The final report identifies issues and recommendations covering student well-being and safety, teacher privacy, legal compliance, school reputation management.

Information Portal Annual Subscription: Safe on Social Media provides access to a comprehensive portal of updated online Guide Books covering all major social media sites and how to manage issues including privacy, online bullying, personal safety, and applying for jobs. Each Guide Book is branded with individual school logos ready for practical, easy use by school staff and distribution to the school community.

Student Presentations: Drawing upon years of social media issues management, the Safe on Social Media student presentations (Grade 3 – 12) teach students about the main elements of social media safety and welfare. These face-to-face presentations are customised based on individual school’s requirements and are available for Students, Teachers and Parents. Highly engaging and informative the presentations topics include but are not limited to:

– using social media with awareness
– information permanence
– managing you digital footprint
– stranger danger is on digital steroids
– posting and sharing photos
– sexting and the legal consequences of producing and sharing child pornography
– respecting others online
– safe social networking
– cyber-bullying
– privacy settings
– what your posts may say about you
– identity theft
– age restrictions and why they should be respected
– legal responsibilities
– gaming network dangers
– Popular apps and their specific risks (SnapChat,, Yellow, Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Gaming, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Omegle, and others)

Teacher Training:  Safe on Social Media Professional Development  Training provides nominated staff with the knowledge and resources to act as the go-to people for social media advice within a school. Teachers receive regular updates from Safe on Social as relevant social media developments occur.

Why Professional Development training is important:

Social media issues arise on a daily basis within schools so it is invaluable to have staff members equipped with the know-how to guide students, other staff and parents at any time.

Safe on Social Media’s Professional Development Training will provide you with the knowledge and resources to act as the go-to person for social media security, privacy and risk management advice within your school.

The program reflects the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (AITSL) In particular, this PD training will focus on:

Standard 4.4 Maintain student safety
Standard 4.5 Use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically
Standard 6.2 Engage in professional learning and improve practice and Standard 7.1 Meet professional ethics and responsibilities.

What is covered in the course:


The objective of this module is to highlight key policy, guidelines and legal aspects of using Social Media within an education setting.


The objective of this module is to present the risks and dangers associated with using social media and identifying ways of protecting the privacy and safety of individuals.


The objective of this module is to offer strategies that may assist in protecting a school’s online presence.


The objective of this module is to offer resources and information that may be useful in educating and supporting students, parents, and educators.

Time: Safe on Social Professional Development Training is conducted over a day (approx. 6hrs) onsite at your school or location of your choice.

Student Safety Check: Based on our Social Media Risk Assessments we offer a mini version of this service for parents to have their child’s online behaviour checked to see if they are staying safe on social media. We evaluate a child’s personal risk by looking at their digital footprint and provide a short report that include screenshots based on what public information shows us. A parent provides us with a screenshot of their child’s Facebook page and we extensively search Facebook and Instagram which often leads us to other social media apps such as Snapchat, and Ask.Fm.

The report covers but is not limited to:

Sharing the wrong information with the wrong people
Potential exposure to stranger danger
Over sexualised photos of minors
Risky online behaviour
What their posts say about them
Compromising future employment opportunities
Personal reputation management

Consulting: Safe on Social Media offers comprehensive consulting services (minimum one hour) to address any issues that may impact the reputation safety and welfare of the school, its staff, and its students. Our consulting services are discussed and addressed on a case by case basis. Quotes available on request.

Please contact us at to discuss your school’s specific needs.

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Safe on Social Media’s network of contributing consultants translated decades of  real world experience in information security and privacy, identity and access management, risk management, crisis management,  mental health coaching, training and media relations into the social media realm. We are Australian leaders in delivering resources and training to schools to enable safe use of social media within your school community and beyond.


      • My daughter came home from Kirra's talk very inspired. She had listened to many, many cyber safety talks at primary school and rolled her eyes when I mentioned there would be another one soon presented by Kirra. She said previous talks treated kids like dopes. But Kirra gave examples, evidence and clear explanations for exactly why some sites and some practices as dangerous, rather than just telling them 'this site is reeeally dangerous- be afraid'. She and her friends found Kirra's presentation both fascinating and clear when Kirra demonstrated  how easily she could look into someone's social media account and piece together information about their lives. Because my daughter is very vigilant, when she came home with her friend, she found most of her settings were correct, but she went through her friends lists and culled inactive ones. Her friend found quite a few images with locations attached to them, which she deleted. Huge thanks Kirra for inspiring and empowering our girls to stay safe, without making them feel it is their responsibility when something odious happens online!

        Mother of Year 7 Student - Mullumbimby High School, NSW
      • Thank you very much for your wonderful talks to our students, staff and parents. It was great to hear the many positive follow up discussions amongst staff and especially parents. 

        Our parents found it refreshing to hear about how to interact and engage in a positive way on social media rather than hear the repeated message to keep our kids away from social media. 

        We know our kids will always outsmart us and do exactly what we tell them not to do, so equipping both parents and students with the tools to recognise and understand the dangers - not the apps themselves but how we interact with them - giving our kids the knowledge to protect themselves and use social media in a positive, safe way was a wonderful new approach to take on board. 

        Our staff appreciated your upfront approach to think about not only the safety of our students and their online activity but also protecting our own professional integrity and online profiles.

        Our students as well went home and discussed their online activity with their parents. They have been empowered to take control of their own online activity, choosing to engage positively to stay safe online.

        Thank you once again.

        New Gisborne Primary School, Victoria.
      • Pimpama State Secondary College was extremely privileged to have had Kirra Pendergast attend our school and deliver her Cyber Safety presentation.  The information Kirra imparted onto our students was so relevant, that many students have discussed the content with peers and teachers well after the information was delivered.  Students have informed me that they were unaware of how open they left themselves online through various apps and settings and how important their digital footprint is now and into their future.  This presentation is hard hitting, relevant and a must for students who are all now living in a digital era. 

        Guidance Officer - Pimpama State Secondary College, Queensland
      • Kirra’s e-safety presentations were very informative and engaging. Our Year 7 and Year 8 students walked away with extensive knowledge of online safety, upcoming social media apps to be aware of and also learnt how to protect their online identity. The examples Kirra shared were fantastic and really helped the students relate to a topic that has been extensively discussed. Kirra used ‘real-talk’ with the students, something which I have found rare with other presentations. Things like nude selfies, online predators and the severe impacts of bullying, including suicide, need to be discussed and Kirra discussed all of these topics thoroughly.

        Thank you for empowering the students and the staff at Greenwood College.

        Sarah AsherStudent Support Worker - Greenwood College
      • Thank you Kirra for presenting your Professional Development Training to our staff at St Mary’s College. The response was outstandingly positive. Your expertise and passion for sharing your cyber safety message was engaging and informative. You are clearly an expert in this area and you were also able to deliver the information using case studies that made it much more relevant to all the staff no matter their IT background. 

        For years, I have heard the message about protecting our digital footprint and thought I had my security and privacy details up to date. But in this fast-moving and ever-changing cyber world, I hadn’t considered the implications of new features being introduced such as location sharing on photos. Through your case studies, I was able to see the importance of turning off location settings for photos and social media apps along with other features and how this could impact me and my students in the future. I not only feel empowered to teach my students HOW to be safe online but WHY it is important to them now and in the future. 

        Also the resources you have created in your information portal are invaluable resources for our school and provide strong support for our cyber safety programme. It is fantastic to know that these are constantly updated to make sure we are delivering correct and relevant information to share with our students and parents.

        We can’t wait to have you back to talk to our students and parents next year as your message of “HOW and WHY it is important to protect our digital footprint” is too valuable not to share regularly with our whole school community in this ever changing cyber world.

        Leah DempsterDirector of 1:1 IT Program - St Mary's College, Toowoomba


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